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Video: Shakira y Calle 13 – Gordita caliente

Shakira y Calle 13, de la mano, en “Gordita caliente”, una canción inédita estrenada en el Rock in Rio Lisboa 2010.

Inevitable (English version)

To be true I must confess Making coffee I’m a mess Don’t know anything about football. Been unfaithful once or twice Cannot even win at dice As for watches, I don’t use one. To be completely honest, No one thinks of you Quite the way I do… It’s all the same to you now. To  Seguir leyendo…

To Obtain A “Yes” (Obtener un sí)

Oh, how I die for you How can I make myself forget All you need to do is send flowers In order to make me fall in love with you To obtain a yes My eyes have dark circles from staring so long at you And the worst part is that I still long to  Seguir leyendo…